Black, no sugar

…a series of dark stories by Carole Kelly.
Carole Kelly, author

Today IS the Day to meet a werewolf

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Today, Sunday 30th June 2024 is THE Day to meet John, a werewolf whose life isn't quite as easy as he'd hoped.

Indeed, The Little Lost Bookshop in Katoomba, in the beautiful Blue Mountains, is where you have the opportunity to catch up with John the werewolf. This last fundraising event for the ‘Black, no sugar‘ project is happening at 4pm.

It would be lovely to see you there. Details are here.

Today is also the very last day that this campaign to raise funds for the project, in running. Donations can be accepted right up to midnight tonight; they can be as little as $1… and as much as – well, your imagination is the limit.

Because this project has been accepted by the Australian Cultural Fund into its Boost initiative, every $1 you invest will be doubled. The ACF will match your contribution!

The other thing of course, it that by donating $2 or more, you will receive an Australian 2024 tax deductable receipt from the ACF. Now, you can’t walk past a deal like that, can you?

Thank you for your support.


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Black, no sugar wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Australian Cultural Fund.

This project is underway. We’re in the process of casting voice actors and searching for a composer / musician for a title track.

Keep in touch with us as we work through the process of producing and publishing ‘Black, no sugar’.


Carole Kelly, author