Black, no sugar

…a series of dark stories by Carole Kelly.

Help us raise the budget to engage voice-over talent and an audio engineer, and commission a composer / musician for a Black, no sugar’ title track. Read about our funding campaign here.

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The black no sugar title graphic of a dark figure in a cowl, reading a book and with a cup of coffee at it's feet, with the title "Black, no sugar' written in stylised text at the bottom of the graphic.Black, no sugar is a captivating project featuring a collection of intricately crafted, darkly themed and occasionally confronting short stories by Carole Kelly.

This creative venture aims to publish the first series of 6 stories in text, in hard and digital forms, and aurally via podcast and audiobook, produced by Bryan Cutts. Each story explores diverse, thought-provoking themes that resonate with readers seeking depth and complexity in storytelling.

This project content that challenges & captivates readers. Some of Carole’s stories tackle confronting themes that are often brushed under the carpet by society; others purely fantasy, offering re-imaginings of familiar themes & mythologies.

The fusion of Carole’s writing with narration promises an engaging experience for audiences across multiple platforms.

Writing of the first series of six stories is completed; audio recording will commence July 2024, & publication via text & podcast of each work individually will be completed by the end of 2024. All works will then be combined for release as an anthology in both text & as an audiobook in early 2025. Read the detailed timetable under the Timeline tab on the project page.

This project timeline will be updated as dates are finalised. Please return here for updates, or subscribe to kept in the loop.

  • 26 March 2024 ACF Support Confirmation

    • The Australian Cultural Fund (ACF), accepted Black, no sugar for support via its ACF Boost initiative; a matched funding program for independent artists and small arts organisations.

  • 28 March 2024 Project Announcement

  • 28 March - 18 May 2024 Funding Campaign set-up

    • Getting all our ducks in a row, ready for the main fund-raising push.

  • Friday 17 May 2024 Funding Campaign Launch & Pre-production

    • The official Black, no sugar launch event
    • Venue: Lithgow Library, 157 Main St, Lithgow NSW 2790. Map
    • Tickets FREE; please book so that catering etc. can be planned with you in mind (bookings link will be available shortly)
    • Subscribe to receive details as they are confirmed.

  • 18 May - 30 June 2024 Funding Campaign & Pre-production

    • The official push for funding. Donate here.
    • Voice actors announced.

  • 1 July - mid December 2024 Production and Individual Story Releases

    • Each story is published (digitally), and audio recorded and released as a podcast; one story at a time.
    • Exact timetable to be advised.
    • Subscribe to receive details when they are finalised.

  • 2025 Volume One published... onto Volume Two

    • All six stories collated and published as text (digitally and physically) and as an audiobook, in the Black, no sugar | Volume One anthology.
    • Pre-production of Black, no sugar | Volume Two
    • Timetables for publishing etc. to be advised.
    • Subscribe to receive details when they are finalised.

Black, no sugar delves into the intricacies of dark storytelling & pushes the boundaries of conventional narrative. Carole’s profound stories, coupled with compelling narration under Bryan’s direction & production, create a unique artistic expression worthy of your support. To realise this project, we need funds.

Supporting Black, no sugar means contributing to the creation of high-spec publications, employment of Australian talent & fostering cultural growth. Contributions will ensure this fusion of literature & audio reaches as broad an audience as possible. Donors supporting this project champion creativity, contribute to literary diversity, & enable the production of a series that promises to add to the rich Australian storytelling landscape.

For every gift of $1 that you support this project with, the ACF will match it.

Up to the value of $5000.

Your support will contribute to high value production, title graphic design, a title score, publication, & distribution of each story in the first Black, no sugar series on multiple platforms, ensuring accessibility via both physical & digital formats. Read more about Funding here.

Each story is a project in its own right, with its own identity and feel, which will be enriched by the evocative narration of Australian voice actors. The result will be a collection of six expertly crafted short stories, accompanied by audio narration, each one released on completion, further enriching Australian literature & offering a unique storytelling experience.

For more details & updates, champions of this project can find information on its throughout this website, and kept up-to-date by subscribing the Black, no sugar newsletter.

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Donations over $2 are tax deductible, and supporters get the chance to make a real difference to the work of Australian artists.


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Our goal  is to claim $5000 in matched funding which is on offer by the ACF to the ‘Black, no sugar’ project. To secure that funding, we need to raise $5000 in donations.

We have until midnight on 30th June 2024 to raise $5000


We have raised:

3% / $125