Black, no sugar

…a series of dark stories by Carole Kelly.
Carole Kelly, author

The troubles of an Urban Werewolf

a depressed looking werewolf in a pub with a glass of beer
This Sunday 30th June, hear the story of John, a werewolf who lives in Balmain. The world is on his shoulders as he struggles with alcoholism, his love life, and his monthly 'change'.

It’s all happening at the Little Lost Bookshop in Katoomba, this Sunday 30th June 2024, at 4pm.

Get tickets here; minimum donation $10.

This event is the last opportunity that you have to support this Black, no sugar campaign to raise funds for the production of the audio-series.

Help us engage voice artists, a composer / musician, an audio engineer… and buy some recording studio time.

It’ll be lots of fun; you’ll hear the story of John, enjoy a glass or two of bubbles, and learn a little about this project.


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Black, no sugar wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Australian Cultural Fund.

This project is underway. We’re in the process of casting voice actors and searching for a composer / musician for a title track.

Keep in touch with us as we work through the process of producing and publishing ‘Black, no sugar’.


Carole Kelly, author