Black, no sugar

…a series of dark stories by Carole Kelly.
Carole Kelly, author

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Letters to Elizabeth

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Tomorrow, Saturday 8th at 1pm, is the day when Elizabeth's secret admirer will be revealed.

Join us for the ‘Two Stories of Desire’ event at the Old Lithgow Pottery on Silcock Street Lithgow, to help us fundraise for this ‘Black, no sugar’ project.

One of the stories for you, is ‘Letters to Elizabeth’… we welcome you tomorrow when her secret admirer is revealed.

Here is the first letter…

Miss Elizabeth Howard
The Old Grange

15th June 2023

My dearest Elizabeth,

Forgive my forwardness in thus addressing you, as you don't yet know me, although I have had the pleasure of observing you for some time. Not in an intrusive manner, let me hasten to assure you. But your window curtains frame, rather than conceal, your lovely face.

Please don't be afraid, I mean you no harm, but I simply take pleasure from watching you brush your long flaxen hair. I overheard you discussing a crop and would urge you to reconsider. A woman's hair is, indeed, her crowning glory.

Yours respectfully,

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Our goal  is to claim $5000 in matched funding which is on offer by the ACF to the ‘Black, no sugar’ project. To secure that funding, we need to raise $5000 in donations through the ACF.

We have until midnight on 30th June 2024 to raise $5000


We have raised:

14% / $720

Carole Kelly, author