Black, no sugar

…a series of dark stories by Carole Kelly.
Carole Kelly, author

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sit down with a cuppa, and take a moment to read these important questions about donating to the 'Black, no sugar', project.
Why are you invited to donate to 'Black, no sugar'?

You are invited because You are a like-minded person, who understands that new works need to be presented to the world. 

This ‘Black, no sugar’ project is a unique and powerful story-telling collection of six tales, which invite You the reader, the supporter, into new unexplored worlds.

‘Black, no sugar’ is already validated by the support of the Australian Government through its Australian Cultural Fund, and You are an important part of its journey through publishing, recording and distributing to the world.

Read about the details of this project here.


The Australian Cultural Fund is supporting the ‘Black, no sugar’ project to the tune of $5000 in matched funding. This means that for every $1 that people like You contribute to this project, the ACF will in turn contribute  another $1 to it. They will continue matching gifts up to the total value of $5000 in donations.

If You can spare $5000, 2000, $1000, $500, $50, $25, $10, $5, $2, $1, or any other figure, You will be one of our champions, and we will forever be in Your debt.

Your generosity will always be remembered.

It is easy to donate here.

Every contribution from You towards this project via the Australian Cultural Fund will directly benefit the project.

If the $5000 is not reached, the ACF will match what has been raised. And of course, if we exceed the donation budget, all the better; the ACF will match funds up to that $5000 target, and allow us to use the funds over and above that figure for the project.

Per the ACF website

The ACF is a ‘keep what you raise’ platform which means you set a fundraising target but if you don’t meet this, or exceed this, you get to keep all the funds.

Why You?

  1. Because You can inspire others by contributing
  2. Because You have the power and passion to support independant artistic works
  3. Because You can make a difference, and bring this project to fuition
  4. Because You are amazing!


The Australian Cultural Fund explains this best on their website

Organisations that are endorsed as deductible gift recipients (DGRs) are entitled to receive donations that are deductible from the donor’s income tax. This means when a donor makes a gift or contribution to a DGR endorsed organisation, they may be able to claim a tax deduction. The ACF holds DGR1 status which allows us to provide donors with tax-deductible receipts.

Once you’ve helped us raise donations via the Australian Cultural Fund’s website, the ACF matches what we’ve raised (up to a maximum of $5000), and then releases all monies in the form of a grant.

We are obligated, by way of a contract that we’ve signed with the ACF, to spend all monies received on the project.

Within 30 days of the projects completion (end of December 2024), are are required to complete and send an acquittal report.

As explained on the ACF website

This involves a questionnaire designed to capture demographic and fundraising specific data and requires a balanced income and expense statement to show that the funds raised were used for their intended purpose.

We’ve ben lucky enough to be accepted into the Australian Cultural Fund’s ‘Boost 2024’ programme.  This means that for every dollar that you contribute to the ‘Black, no sugar’ project, will be matched by the ACF to the tune of $5000.

The ACF explains this best on their website

One of the most effective strategies in fundraising is ‘matched funding’. This strategy basically lines up a donor, or donors, who are willing to match donations up until a certain point. For example, an organisation may offer to match donations up to $5,000 which is a great incentive for donors as this means their money is going twice as far!

Respect… of course we do. You are a supporter of new work. You are a Champion of Creativity, of new and exciting story-telling.

You are someone who value’s hard work, and fruits of creative labour.

You are supporting the ‘Black, no sugar’ project because it is a fusion of Carole’s writing with audio narration, which promises an engaging experience for audiences across multiple platforms.

Your contribution will facilitate production, publication and distribution of the first series. Writing of the first series of six stories is completed; audio recording will commence June, & publication via text & podcast of each work individually will be completed by the end of 2024. All works will then be combined for release as an anthology in both text & as an audiobook in early 2025.

‘Black, no sugar’ delves into the intricacies of dark storytelling & pushes the boundaries of conventional narrative. Carole’s profound stories, coupled with compelling narration under Bryan’s direction & production, will create a unique artistic expression worthy of Your support. This project offers diverse, thought-provoking content that challenges & captivates readers. Some of Carole’s stories tackle confronting themes that are often brushed under the carpet by society; others purely fantasy, offering re-imaginings of familiar themes & mythologies.

You supporting “Black, no sugar” means contributing to the creation of high-spec publication and production, employment of Australian talent & fostering cultural growth. Contributions will ensure this fusion of literature & audio reaches as broad an audience as possible.

You supporting this project, means that You are a champion of creativity, You are a contributor to cultural diversity, and  You will enable the production of a series that promises to add to the rich Australian storytelling landscape.

How many ways will Your gift make a difference? So many that we cannot enumerate them all here.

Your generosity will employ regional talent… voice-actors, sound engineer, a musician / composer, pay for time at a regional recording studio.

Your contribution will make So Much difference to Carole’s and my lives. ‘Black, no sugar’ is a dream, a lifeblood which fills our veins, our thoughts, our desires and hopes.

Your help, Your vision and Your support will change everything.

Yes indeed, there is a deadline which is fast approaching.

We have until midnight on the 30th June 2024… the end of this tax year, to raise $5000.

That line in the sand is just around the corner… we have exactly

Phew, we made it!

to go!

You can make a difference; donate here.

It is extremely simple for You to contribute, and will take you about 1 minute…

Click here and follow the Steps
  1. Answer the question, “Are you donating as an individual or organisation?” then choose, or enter Your preferred gift amount
  2. Decide if you want to be identified as a supporter, or remain anonymous, then enter Your details
  3. Select how You want to make Your contribution and click the ‘Donate’ button

You are appreciated and respected. Our gratitude to You, a supporter who is passionate, is boundless.

Words are not capable of expressing our thanks, however if there is any way we can thank You, we will speak it, say it… everything.

Results are critical to You as an investor in this project. Results are important to us too.

Ultimately, You will measure us and the ‘Black, no sugar’ project by these key performance indicators:

  1. Doing what we say that we will do:

    Carole’s stories are all written. The next steps involve casting of voice actors, commissioning of a composer / musician, getting into a sound studio for recordings, editing and sound engineering, publishing, releasing and distributing each story.

    Stage two, when everything above is completed, compiling all those works together as an anthology in text and as an audiobook.

  2. Quality of product:

    All the work above is worthless if the end results don’t meet the highest standards.

    Everyone involved in this project has a high bar to reach… our job is to secure the right talent, those individuals who can reach and exceed that height. This work is underway, and will be completed. Announcements of talent will be made, in July / August.


If You have an affinity for any aspect of this project, or are particularly interested in a certain element, or indeed, one of the stories, You are welcome to contact us to discuss your desires within the context of this project. 

If it can be done, it will happen.


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Black, no sugar wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Australian Cultural Fund.

This project is underway. We’re in the process of casting voice actors and searching for a composer / musician for a title track.

Keep in touch with us as we work through the process of producing and publishing ‘Black, no sugar’.


Carole Kelly, author