Black, no sugar

…a series of dark stories by Carole Kelly.
Carole Kelly, author

Help us raise the budget to engage voice-over talent and an audio engineer, and commission a composer / musician for a Black, no sugar’ title track. Read about our funding campaign here.


Vintage car wheel spokes
We are thrilled to have received a $500 gift, in support of the 'Black, no sugar' project!

Our campaign to raise $5000 by the end of June 2024 was given a wonderful boost today. Our generous benefactor is the The Vintage and Classic Car Hub through the Australian Cultural Fund’s donations portal.

Those wonderful Classic Car fanatics, put their foot down on our campaign’s accelerator, with a donation of $500… 10% of our budget!

Very exciting…

If you’re looking for a spin  on classic wheels, or a very cool machine for your wedding or other event, drive along to The Vintage and Classic Car Hub.

You can help too… donations for the project are through the ACF here.

Every dollar donated to this project, is matched by the ACF up to the tune of $5000… so that $500 from The Vintage and Classic Car Hub, is actually worth $1000!

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Our goal  is to claim $5000 in matched funding which is on offer by the ACF to the ‘Black, no sugar’ project. To secure that funding, we need to raise $5000 in donations through the ACF.

We have until midnight on 30th June 2024 to raise $5000


We have raised:

14% / $720

Carole Kelly, author